Amateur Masturbation

Fingers Under Panties

All women love to masturbate! Why should Melissa from be any different?

She’s all tight and what not, and loves to explore her body… Sooner or later her hands are going to slide down under her panties….

melissa slides fingers-under panties to masturbate105

That’s exactly where all of the masturbation fun starts! With her hands on her pussy!

melissa slides fingers-under panties to masturbate106

When it comes to masturbation, it’s usually all about the fingers!

Fingers In Panties

Jody loves to get off. This hot babe from has got a nice rack, and she knows what men like! But still, some times nothing gets her off like her own fingers… Finger masturbation is always fun!

She releases her breasts from captivity…

jody masturbates with fingers1

Then with her breasts falling out of her bra she starts playing with herself, sliding her hands down inside of her panties…

jody masturbates with fingers2

It’s only a matter of time before this hot girl gets off masturbating with her fingers inside of her panties!

Panty Masturbation

Ireana is a beautiful teen from who has a really odd way of masturbating…

First she starts off by putting on her panties…

irena masturbating with panties on5

And then rubbing her panties on her pussy, masturbating herself with her panties until she gets off!!!

irena masturbating with panties on1 irena masturbating with panties on2 irena masturbating with panties on3 irena masturbating with panties on4

Just when we thought we’ve seen it all with women masturbating along comes Irena who never touches herself with her fingers or a sex toy, but only her panties!

Now the question is does it turn her on when she wears different kind of panties to masturbate?

Masturbation Only

Karla and Kym from seem to be enjoying each other’s company…. In a good way!

Wow, what a nice hairy pussy she has… But then again, is known for all natural chicks with hairy pussys…


Kind of makes you wonder what these two chicks are up to… Both of them naked like this!

If two women get it on, isn’t it all masturbation only!

Masturbating With Panties On

Danielle from likes to masturbate, this time with her panties on. She’s so sexy! She just moves those panties over and plays with her twat, rubbing her pussy until she gets off….

danielle abbie winters masturbates-fingers-panties on

All of the chicks are all natural and super sexy!

Mens Underwear

Addison from looks like she can spread her legs – that’s got to help when she’s masturbating….

abby winters addison legs spread boys underies

But why is she wearing men’s underwear? Is that how she likes to masturbate – by wearing something of his? That’s hot!

Huge Loud Orgasm

Rebecca looks like one of those chicks who once she starts masturbating, she just can’t stop. Once this hottie from fires up her engines she’s not cooling off until she gets to her destination… And when her destination is a huge loud orgasm, getting there is half the fun!

crazy teen rebrecca

But what’s the leather glove for? Is this a new hot way chicks masturbate?

Blonde Sexpot

Emily has all of the right curves in all of the right places… She might not ever have a problem landing herself a man, but still…. This babe loves masturbating on her own!

emily blonde hottie abby winters

Imagine seeing this big breasted babe spreading her legs and fucking herself with her fingers – or her sex toys….

Only on Abby Winters!

Beautiful Women Masturbating

When two women play with each other, aren’t they in fact masturbating each other?

These two beautiful women from Abby Winters are getting off playing with each other…

abby-winters-chloe-paula-lesbian masturbation

How could they not? It’s like being masturbated by another person!

Lesbian Orgasms

Angie and Cleo from look like they are enjoying themselves… Turning each other on by playing with each other’s breasts, squeezing each other…. Seems to us like a dual orgasm is right around the corner!

How could they not get off… Women always get turned on by playing with each other’s breasts!


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